What causes people to form an emotional connection to the place where they live? Gallup and the Knight Foundation conducted a study to find out and interviewed nearly 43,000 people in 26 communities in the process. They discovered that the number one driver for attachment is social offerings, which includes a strong entertainment infrastructure and a sense of community caring. Their “Soul of the Community” study affirms the role that the South Whidbey Commons plays on our island: it contributes to our community’s sense of soul.

In colonial times, the “Commons” was an area generally located in the center of a small agricultural community that was held in trust by all and used for the common good. The commons served as the social, cultural, and economic center of a  town. In our community, that purpose is served by the South Whidbey Commons, a nonprofit organization that was born of the collaboration of hundreds of people who wanted to create a place to gather, connect, and belong.