Coffeehouse Bookstore

A community-driven, youth-powered, family-friendly, nonprofit

The Coffeehouse Bookstore is the hearth around which the community gathers. It’s a place where you can:

  • Meet with others over coffee and a pastry, whether for business or pleasure
  • Enjoy the background chatter and music while you work and avoid the isolation of working at home
  • Sit by the fire and curl your hands around a warm cup of tea on a cold day
  • Sip an Italian soda in our beautiful garden when the weather’s sunny
  • Read a book of your own, or buy a used one
  • Enjoy a light lunch or dinner
  • Bring children for hot chocolate and a cookie
  • Gather after school to do homework together
  • Interact with people of all generations
  • Contribute to your community as a volunteer