There are lots of things to do at the South Whidbey Commons.

You can receive by:Ty (edit)

  • Coming in for coffee, a pastry, or a light meal
  • Buying a used book at a great price
  • Coming to a free Friday Night Live performance
  • Enjoying Playscape with the children in your care at no cost to you
  • Going through the for-credit worksite training program if you’re a middle- or high school student

You can give by:

  • Donating a used book
  • Volunteering in the Coffeehouse Bookstore
  • Becoming an adult barista volunteer/mentor
  • Processing and displaying books
  • Leading a class, workshop, or project in the Backroom
  • Helping in the garden
  • Pitching in with cleaning
  • Honoring someone you love by buying an engraved paver
  • Donating money