AmeriCorps members

Because the South Whidbey Commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening our community, it qualifies for the AmeriCorps program. The members who serve the Commons work under the Washington Service Corps and receive a modest living allowance, half of which is paid by the Commons and the other half of which is paid by federal funds through the Corporation for National and Community Service. After they successfully complete their term (a minimum of 1,700 hours of service), members are eligible to receive an educational award of $5,350 to put toward their college education or student loans.

AmeriCorps Alumni

Sean & Alex looking busy

Sean Morphew and Alex Jeffers keep things humming at the Coffeehouse Bookstore.
(Photo © 2013 by Lucy Brown)

AmeriCorps 2004-2005: Laura Pedlar, Brittany Gallagher, and Jillian Lao

AmeriCorps 2005-2006: Mary Duffy, Eve Preus, Scott Daily, Maureen Sheehan

AmeriCorps 2006-2007: Adrienne Hawley, Amanda Moser, Kim McCoy, Gena Kraha

AmeriCorps 2007-2008: Micah Sewell, Nate Mullendore, Robbie Eberhart-Garah, and Katie Woodzick

AmeriCorps 2008-2009: Jasper Hein and Katie Woodzick


AmeriCorps 2010-2011: Tracie Fowler and Darcy Noonan

AmeriCorps 2011-2012: Jess Wallace and Keppi Ross (Photo © 2012 by Lucy Brown)